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Sodium sulfate

Sodium sulfate

CAS NO.7757-82-6

Main purpose:
1. Chemical industry is used to manufacture sodium sulfide silicate water glass and other chemical products.
2. A cooking agent used in the manufacture of kraft pulp in the paper industry.
3. Glass industry is used to replace soda ash as a cosolvent.
4. Textile industry is used for blending vinylon spinning coagulant.
5. It is used in nonferrous metal metallurgy, leather, etc.
6. It is used to make sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, enamel, and also as a laxative and barium poisoning agent. It is a by-product of hydrochloric acid production with salt and sulfuric acid. In chemical industry, it is used to manufacture sodium sulfide, sodium silicate, etc. The laboratory is used to wash away barium salts. It is used in industry as raw material for NaOH and H? So? And also used in papermaking, glass, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, leather making, etc. Sodium sulfate is a commonly used post-treatment desiccant in organic synthesis laboratory.

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