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Light Calcium Carbonate

Light Calcium Carbonate

Character characteristics

White powder or colorless crystal. Odorless. Tasteless. 825 ℃ is decomposed into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Dissolve in dilute acid to release carbon dioxide, insoluble in alcohol. There are two kinds of crystals, one is orthorhombic crystal aragonite, the other is hexagonal rhombic crystal calcite. Calcite, irritant.

A particles with regular shape can be regarded as monodisperse powder, but they can be in many shapes, such as spindle, cube, needle, chain, sphere, sheet and quadrangular column. These different shapes of calcium carbonate can be prepared by controlling reaction conditions.

B particle size distribution is narrow.

C particle size is small, the average particle size is generally 1-3 μ M. To determine the average particle size of light calcium carbonate, the short axis particle size in the triaxial particle size can be used as the performance particle size, and then the median particle size can be used as the average particle size. In addition to the description later, the average particle size refers to the average short axis particle size.

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