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Activated carbon columnar

Activated carbon columnar

Activated carbon is also called activated carbon black. It is a black powder or granular amorphous carbon. Besides carbon, the main components of activated carbon include oxygen, hydrogen and other elements. This is the reason why activated carbon is a hydrophobic adsorbent. In addition to carbon I, activated carbon also contains two kinds of cloth admixtures: one kind It is a chemically combined element, mainly oxygen and hydrogen. These elements are left in the carbon due to incomplete carbonization, or in the activation process, the external non carbon elements are chemically combined with the surface of the activated carbon, such as when activated by water vapor, the surface of the activated carbon is oxidized or oxidized by water vapor; the other kind of admixture is ash, which is the inorganic part of the activated carbon and the element composition of several activated carbon It is easy to cause secondary pollution.

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